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Spaces to Reserve

Library spaces available to reserve include:

  • Auditorium (LIB 299)
  • PC Lab (LIB 380D)
  • Conference Room (LIB 489)
  • Faculty Atrium
  • Lobby 
  • Patio
  • Molly Shi Boren Garden

Consult this document for room photos and equipment lists.

General Information

  • OUHSC faculty, students, staff, and student-sponsored organizations are eligible to reserve rooms/areas
  • To cancel a reservation for the PC Lab (LIB 380D), please email For all other cancellations, please email

Reservation Form

For non-university sponsored events, please also submit the Facilities Use Agreement. Charges may apply. 

Other Spaces

  • To reserve the Provost's Conference Room, please visit this page
  • To reserve the Stanton L. Young Walk or Clock Tower Circle Drive, please reach out to Facilities Management 


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