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Binding for Theses and Dissertations

Binding Copies of Theses/Dissertations

  • If you would like to make printed binding copies of your theses or dissertations for personal use, you can request the binding service at the 3rd floor at the library
  • Bring printed copies along with the completed Binding Request form (insert document link) to the 3rd floor service desk
  • Charges: you can pay using a credit card, cash, and checks for $12.00 per copy 
  • We will send binding requests to an external vendor
  • You or your designated individual will be contacted via email when the copies have returned from the bindery
    • If you have to change contact information, please let us know 
  • The ProQuest submission of dissertations or theses is handled by the Graduate College
  • You can also order binding copies directly through ProQuest


  • The Library can provide printing service for your copies of theses and dissertatations
  • You can email your manuscript for printing and binding with the completed binding request form
  • The Library will print copies in color, single page, basic multipurpose copy papers
  • Charges:
    • We accept Visa, Master, or Express Credit cards 
    • Printing charges: $0.15/page plus $12.00/each for binding 


Turnaround Time

  • It usually takes 10-12 weeks
  • Contact: