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Academy of Teaching Scholars (ATS) - Education Week 2021 - Poster Presentations


Support your colleagues at the Academy of Teaching Scholars

Health Professions Education Research Poster Presentation


September 17th | 10:00-11:00 am | via Zoom

Meeting ID: 920 4791 1153
Passcode: 93057686


  • Posters marked with asterisks (**) in the left navigation pane will be presented live
  • Presentations will follow the order below
  • Each presentation will be allotted three minutes followed by four minutes for questions


  1. Comparing the Diagnostic Utility of Different Methods of Ophthalmoscopy among Medical Students. Preston Choi MS4, Victoria Bugg MD, Tammy Yanovitch MD MHSc, and Anil Patel MD.
  2. Implementation and Evaluation of a Written Anesthesiology Curricular Supplement for Students Rotating in Clinical Anesthesiology. Christine Vo MD, Parker Allan MD, William O’Connor MS4, and Anjelo Anthony MS2.
  3. Comparing Level of Autonomy, Performance and Procedure Difficulty amongst Surgical Residents Stratified by Post Graduate Year across General Surgery Residencies Nationwide. Elizabeth J. Trimble MD, Kristina Booth MD, Kenneth Stewart PhD MPH, and Jason Lees MD.
  4. Correlation of Supervised Independence and Performance with Procedure Difficulty amongst Surgical Residents Stratified by Post Graduate Year. Kristina K. Booth MD, Kenneth Stewart PhD, Samara L. Lewis MD, Tabitha Garwe PhD, Jason Kempenich MD, and Jason Lees MD.
  5. An Innovative Experiential/Kinesthetic Ventilation Teaching Approach: Does it Have the Ability to Enhance Current Ventilation Curricula? Derek Doan MS2 and Edward Kosik DO.
  6. The Flipped-Classroom Approach to Teaching Strabismus in Ophthalmology Residency: A Multicentered Randomized Controlled Study. Randy Y Lu BS, Tammy Yanovitch MD MHSc, Laura Enyedi MD, Nandini Gandhi MD, Matthew Gearinger MD, Alejandra G de Alba Campomanes MD MPH, Kara M Cavuoto MD, Michael Gray MD, Pavlina S Kemp MD, Evan Silverstein MD, Allison R Loh MD, Leona Ding MS, and Michelle T Cabrera MD.
  7. Are Medical & Physician Assistant Students Plugged into Telemedicine? Monica Henning MD, Danielle Lewis MD, Sarah-Beth Bell PhD, Krista Kezbers PhD, Carol Cox PhD, and Jameca Price MD.