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Year President President-Elect Secretary/Treasurer
2009 Dohn Martin
OK State U-CHS
Joy Summers-Ables
Univ of OK HSC-OKC
Amy Picard
Norman Regional
2008 Sonya Palmer
Southwest Integris
Dohn Martin
OK State U-CHS
Amy Picard
Norman Regional
2007 Lynn Yeager
Univ of OK HSC-Tulsa
Sonya Palmer
Southwest Integris
Ursula Ellis
Deaconness Hospital
2006 Walee Chotikavanic
Univ of OK HSC-OKC
Lynn Yeager
Univ of OK HSC-Tulsa
Ursula Ellis
Univ of OK HSC-OKC
2005 Melissa Kash-Holley Walee Chotikavanic Lynn Yeager
2004 Cheryl Suttles Melissa Kash-Holley Lynn Yeager
2003 David Money Cheryl Suttles Lynn Yeager
2002 Shari Clifton David Money Robin Insalaco
2001 Beth Treaster Shari Clifton Janice Leonard
2000 Dan Chandler Beth Treaster Janice Leonard
1999 Elaine Johnston Dan Chandler Beth Treaster
1998 Anita Sutrick Elaine Johnston Beth Treaster
1997 Judy Wilkerson Anita Sutrick Elaine Johnston
1996 Jennifer Goodson Judy Wilkerson Elaine Johnston
1995 Sheri Greenwood Jennifer Goodson Elaine Johnston
1994 Peggy Cook Sheri Greenwood Elizabeth Richards
1993 Walee Chotikavanic Peggy Cook Mary Lou Tremblay
1992 Joy Summers-Ables Walee Chotikavanic Mary Lou Tremblay
1991 James Donovan Joy Summers-Ables Susan Mertes
1990 Cheryl Suttles James Donovan Susan Mertes
1989 Joanne Callard Cheryl Suttles Shelly Shea
1988 Michelynn McKnight Joanne Callard Shelly Shea
1987 Jane Cooper Michelynn McKnight Beth Mikkola
1986 Tim Judkins Jane Cooper Beth Mikkola
1985 Larry Shea Tim Judkins Linda O'Rourke
1984 Ilse von Brauchitsch Larry Shea Sheri Taylor
1983 David Money Ilse von Brauchitsch Peggy Cook
1982 Phyllis Lansing David Money Beth Mills
1981 Jean Burrows Phyllis Lansing David Money
1980 Muriel Reddick Jean Burrows Phyllis Lansing
1979 Verlean Delaney Karen Hackleman Cheryl Suttles
1978 Ted Guolden Verlean Delaney Muriel Reddick
1977 Phyllis Bennett Ted Guolden Karen Hackleman
1976 Jean McDaniel Phyllis Bennett Jean Burrows
1975 Connie Wilson Jean McDaniel Katherine MacNeil
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