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Searching in Ovid: MEDLINE


  • MEDLINE is a database produced by the United States National Library Medicine (NLM) that provides access to millions of references to journal articles in many health sciences disciplines including medicine, dentistry, nursing, veterinary medicine, and allied health.
  • MEDLINE contains citations from approximately 5,600 journals published worldwide.


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Use the link below to access Ovid MEDLINE.


MeSH is the controlled vocabulary used to index articles for the MEDLINE database. MeSH is arranged in both an alphabetic and hierarchical structure and it is developed and maintained by specialized staff members at NLM.

The Bird Library's interface to Ovid MEDLINE is set to automatically guide or map users to relevant MeSH terms, if available, for whatever is entered into the search box.

  • Keep the "Map Term to Subject Heading" box selected to be guided to MeSH terms when you enter a word or phrase in the search box (notice that the option to conduct a keyword search using the word or phrase you entered will be available at the bottom of the list of suggested MeSH terms)
  • When you search with MeSH terms you have access to features and tools that are not available when you search using keywords (these options are described a little more fully in the Search Tools section below)
  • You can also deselect the "Map Term to Subject Heading" box to bypass MeSH and run a keyword search